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Lecture 52

ANTH 1210 Lecture 52: Lecture 52

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o982 Homo Erectus Fossil Morphology: Cranial capacity: 8001200 cc (humans = 1350 cc) Stature: 56 feet Cranial size is larger than Homo haibilis Cranium configured differently Stature Nariokotome Boy: Also known as Turkana Boy Almost complete Homo erectus skeleton Kenya 1112 year old boy Found on edge of an old lake Dated to 1.6 MYA Estimated 5458 Homo Floresiensis or Flores Man: Island of Flores, Indonesia Found in 2004 Dwarfpygmy humans Look like dwarf form of Homo erectus Dwarfism common in island populations Died out 13,000 BP Technology: Acheulian stone tool culture Named after site where first identified St. Acheul, N. France first found Thinner, more sophisticated, more types, more shapes, more methods of production than Oldowan Acheulian vs. Oldowan: Tools worked bifacially Oldowan unifacially Flakes removed on both sides Flakes removed over entire surface Cortex removed
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