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Lecture 66

ANTH 1210 Lecture 66: Lecture 66

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

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Oc78 Being able to grow your own food May include both animals and plants Obtain food from intense use of domesticated plants and animals Must domesticate your plants and animals Type of food production: Agriculture (farming plants) Pastoralism (animals) Aquaculture (fish) HuntersGatherers have it easier: Most time is leisure 2 hrsday for subsistence Why abandon it and become a farmer? Farmers work much harder: Long hours 1216 hrsday No vacations Year long job Why do it?: HunterGatherers: Use seasonally available resources Experience ups and downs through ear Not all season provide food Early spring (starvation season) Farming: Evens out uneven availability Provides abundance that lasts yearround Animals (refrigerators on the hoof) Refrigeration (1930s) Domestication: Genetic modification Changes in the physical characteristics of a plant or animal species Caused by human manipulation From a wild form to one more useful to people Control over reproduction
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