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Lecture 73

ANTH 1210 Lecture 73: Lecture 73

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

oS82 Help legitimize the rule of the Queen or King as separate entities (above the rest of the population) No return to simpler societies Food Surplus: No monumental works without a labour force No labour force without food surplus Intensive farming strategies Need to pay taxes One North American farmer feeds 130 people Less than 2 of US population are farmers Urban Centers (cities): Host of associated challenges: Maintaining order Resolving disputes (laws, judicial systems) earliest law codes = law of Hammurabi (1750 BCE) Distribution of food (use a market economy) Transportation system (wagons appear large quantities of food brought in, wheeled vehicles 3500 BCE) Disposal of human waste (garbage, feces) Restricting behaviours that may be detrimental to the larger group Surplus Production: Elite (king, nobility ruling towns and villages) Elite residence Mesopotamia: Earliest civilization Between Tigris and Euphrates rivers Major civilizations come from here First urbanized state in the world Known as the cradle of the civilization Tower of Babel The Uruk Period First city
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