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Lecture 14

ANTH 1220 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

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o82 CHAPTER 4 Learning Ones Culture Enculturation: The process by which children acquire their culture We learn the culture into which we are born and raised o Born weak as a species (cant walk, cant talk, highly dependant) o Large brain relative to body size large part of our survival as a species relies on learning Mature slower, but live longer longer time to learn Enculturation takes place in an informal, nonexplicit means Enculturation continues throughout life (life long process) Socialization: A similar process to enculturation that emphasizes social factorsnorms rather than cultural factors in learning ones culture The Process of Enculturation: Becoming a human being When does human life begin? Considered human a few daysweeks after birth Wait to make sure the baby survives o Social birth Naming practices Child rearing Feeding and weaning Sleeping
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