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Lecture 69

ANTH 1220 Lecture 69: Lecture 69

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

lc78 Crafts Artisans: specialists in the production of works and art crafts perform artisans Gender differences in art production Men did wood carving and painting = art Women were trained, but their work was never taken seriously not art Women did blankets, baskets, beadwork = craft Art will always been more importantgreater than craft Ritualceremonial art Sand paintings Art vs. Craft: Art requires creativity, takes time and resources, free from financial constraints does not need to be sold Craft requires skill and a commercial mind, but no creativity Craft is performed by artisans The Origins of Art: 30,00050,000 years ago Meanings and purpose unknown o Cave paintings o Rock paintings o Venus figurines Oldest = willendorft venus stylized image of female body (pregnant) o Squatting goddesses in India Birthing position Women as a vessel of reproduction The Arts of Sound and Movement: Musical styles
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