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Biochem. and Medical Genetics
BGEN 3020
Jason Leboe- Mcgowan

Lecture 10 Nomenclature Main difference – B9 usually does not metastasize, malignant has the capacity to metastasize. Exception: B9 tumor that metastasize: invasive mole (metastasize to lungs, but goes away). Slides: a) MC skin cancer INVADES but does not metastasize: basal cell carcinoma. b) Uterus: leiomyoma; MC B9 tumor in woman is MC located in which organ? Uterus – it’s a leiomyoma; tumor of smooth muscle! c) Fibroids – smooth muscle; become very hard d) MC B9 tumor in male (yellow) = lipoma e) B9 tumor of glands = adenomas (ie adrenal adenoma – thin adrenal cortex b/c it is functional; it could be making cortisol, therefore suppressing ACTH, and the fasiculata and reticularis would undergo ATROPHY…leads to Cushing’s. If tumor secreting mineralocorticoids – it is Conn’s syndrome, causing atrophy of the zone glomerulosa (GFR – salty sweet sex) f) Tubular adenoma = MC precursor lesion for colon cancer (looks like strawberry on a stick) Carcinoma vs. sarcoma 1. Carcinoma – malignancy of epithelial tissue (3 epithelial tissues – squamous, glandular, and transitional) a) Squamous carcinoma – how to recognize? Little swirls of increased redness (bright red) called squamous pearls; b) Glandular carcinoma – Round glands, with something in the middle = adenocarcinoma c) Transitional cell carcinoma – from bladder, ureter, renal pelvis (from genital urinary tract) – all with transitional epithelium Therefore 3 carcinomas = squamous, adenocarcinoma, and transitional cell carcinomas. d) Example: Malignant melanoma – first step in management? Excision (b9 version = nevus), both are derived from melanocytes. This is the most rapidly increasing cancer in the USA, not MC. They are S-100 Ag “+” tumors – aput tumors e) Aput Tumors: S-100 Ag “+” tumors – aput tumors; aput is precursor uptake decarboxylation, meaning that they are of neurose
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