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Lecture 37

BIOL 1000 Lecture 37: Lecture 37

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1000
Kevin G.Scott

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Oc78 o Uniform diameter of 2nm Nitrogenous bases stacked 1/3 of a nm apart  First thought bases paired like-with-like Figured out a double ringed base must always be paired with a single ring base 3 hydrogen bonds in the C-G base pairing and only 2 in the A-T pairing C-G base pairs are slightly stronger Base pair findings matched the finding of Chargaff (equal amount of A to T in DNA and C to G) DNA Replication Depends on Specific Base Pairing  Discovery of structure lead to thoughts about function related to replication Complementary base pairing You can determine the sequence of bases in one strand of DNA by looking at the other Cell applies the same rule when copying its genes Free nucleotides swim around the nucleus, 1 at a time they line up to match the specific base pairing rules, enzymes link the nucleotides  Completed new DNA molecules = daughter DNA  After double helix replicates, each of the 2 daughter molecules contains 1 old strand (part of parent  molecule) and 1 newly created strand = semiconservative model = Half of the parental molecule is maintained (conserved) in each daughter molecule Humans have more than 6 million base pairs in 46 diploid chromosomes DNA Replication Proceeds in Two Dimensions at Many Sites Simultaneously Replication of DNA begins at site called origin of replication = short stretches of DNA having a specific sequence of nucleotides where proteins attach to the DNA and separate the strands  Replication proceeds in both directi
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