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Urinary System

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1410
Jennifer Mcleese

Urinary System May-17-13 11:55 AM 2 Kidneys 2 Ureters 1 Urinary Bladder 1 Urethra Function: Regulates blood volume and pressure, pH, ion concentrations. Eliminates wastes (urea, uric acid, hormones, drugs) Kidneys Gross  Retroperitoneal  Right lower than left supported, protected by layers of CT o Renal capsule, adipose + renal fascia protects Hilum/Hillus - Medial o Indentation o Renal artery, vein, Ureter , Nerves (enter/exit here) Internal Anatomy Renal Cortex (Superficial layer) Renal Medulla with Renal Pyramids o Each pyramid is separated by downward extensions of cortical tissue = renal columns contain blood vessels Apex: Narrow end of pyramid = renal papilla Collecting ducts exit at renal papilla -- drain into minor calyx --- 4/5 minor calyces --- major calyx -- 2/3 major calyces --- renal pelvis --- ureter Microscopic Anatomy Nephron = functional unit of kidney  Renal corpuscle and renal tubule  Renal corpuscle in cortex is the site of blood filtration/ first stop in urine formation 1. Glomerulus = capillary bed 2. Bowman's Capsule completely surrounds glomerulus and drains into tubule a. Outer layer = simpl. Sq. b. Inner = podocytes (cells wrapped around glomerular capillaries) Filtration Membrane: where blood filtered into bowman's capsule 1. Glomerular Endothelium o Simp. Sq. with fenestrations (pores) 2. Basement Membranes 3. Bowman's Capsule o Podocytes simp. Epith. With entwined finger pr
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