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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1412
Paul Messing

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BIOL1412 02 05 2014 ♀ Reproductive Hormones 1) FSH - stim. 1ᵒ to become 2ᵒ follicle (Fig. 27.22) - inhibited by ⇑ progesterone (P) (∴ FSH ⇑ when P ⇓) 2) LH - stimul. E prod. from theca + granulosa cells of follicle (Fig. 27.20) - surge in LH ⇒ ovulation & then formation of corpus luteum from remnants of follicle - in follicular phase - E from 2ᵒ follicle rises for a few days ⇒ stim. LH release (via GnRH) ⇒ stim. follicle to ⇑ E secretion etc. (+ve feedback) ⇒ leads to LH surge - in luteal plate - P inhibits LH release 3) Estrogen (Fig. 27.22) - required for ovulation - development of 2ᵒ char.s - stim. growth of + maintains endometrium - bone growth of epiphyses - bone growth, closure of epiphyses (Fig. 6.8) 4) Progesterone (P) (Fig. 27.22) - from corpus luteum - prepares uterus for pregnancy Ovarian/Uterine Cycle (~28 days) (Fig. 27.22) 1.a) Ovary: Follicular (preovulatory) phase day 1 - 14 - early on: P low ∴ LH + FSH secreted - some 1ᵒ follicles ⇒ 2ᵒ follicles (due to FSH) - follicles secrete E ∴ blood E rises - Later in: one (usually) 2ᵒ follicle becomes Graafian follicle 1.b) Uterus: (at same time as 1.a)) i) Menstrual phase (day 1 - 5) ⇒ stratum fun'c.alis shed (outer layer of endometrium) + denuded areas bleed ⇒ ∴ menstrual flow = blood, cells + secretions ii) Proliferative phase (days 6 - 14) ⇒ E ⇒ repair + proliferation of stratum fun'c.alis (due to mitosis in stratum basalis) 2) Ovulation (day 14) - due to LH surge - LH triggers i) Completion of meiosis 1 ⇒ 2ᵒ oocyte ii) rupture of Graafian follicle w/ release of 2ᵒ oocyte 3.a) Ovar
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