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Lecture 43

COMP 1010 Lecture 43: Lecture 43

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University of Manitoba
Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

OS82 o 3 main types o 1) Trojan Horse: program that when run, causes damage direct damage deleting files, turning computer into one that attacks others, indirect problems vandalism o 2) Spyware: software that collects personal information and send it to another computer fraud o 3) Virus: behaves like other two but replicates itself and sends out copies to other users normally through email o 4) Adware: pops up unsolicited ads at unexpected times (not same as web sites that pop up occasional ad) harassment AntiVirus: installs itself on your computer and checks programs before they are run, last line of defense in security system o Malware will be blocked on protected system o Must be up to date Another security measure rights to use resources on computer are governed by your account (user ID) o Some users known as administrators right to perform many operations, other users have limited rights If user ID is not allowed to manipulate important system files, and you accidentally run Trojan horse program, it will have no more rights than you do cannot change those files o Some programs make it hard to run nonadministrator accounts, as you cant run programs on them o Mac OS X requires passwords additional security Security for User Secure personal information with User ID and Password to log into computer Windows allows you to encrypt folders data in these folders only accessible after successful login o Quality of password is important as well many computers are computerchosen values (too hard to remember) or something obvious (family members name, 123456 etc.) Best way to choose password pick memorable phrase and use it as mnemonic device (memory tool), use first letter of every word in the phrase as your password add uppercaselowercase, include numbers Rules for good passwords o At least ten letters long o Include letters (uppercaselowercase) and numbers o Do not use names or other words (texting shortcuts) o Have several good ones or some easy modifications o Follow toothbrush principle: treat password like toothbrush, choose a good one, change it when it gets old, dont share it with anyone Password Manager: keeps track of password for many different sites and services, and locks them all behind a single master password o Allows you to automatically generate very secure passwords that are unmemorable to you, but the password manager will remember it for you
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