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Lecture 58

COMP 1010 Lecture 58: Lecture 58

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

o982 Unit 11: Advanced Databases 11.1 Introduction Tables and relationships between tables are infrastructure of a database Queries, forms, and reports will help make information in a database useful o Reorganize information into different views o Allow us to enter new data easily 11.4 Database Views Views make a database more usable, can also be designed for security reasons (making certain information viewable for certain people only) 3 ways to create custom database views (depending on goal): o 1) Use a query if you want to ask your database a question Answer made up of information collected, ordered, and processed from one or more tables o 2) Use a form if your goal is to work with one record at a time, to enter or edit data, or flip through records o 3) Build a report when you want to create neatly printed output Combining information form multiple tables Groupingsorting data underneath headings subheadings Views are dynamic structure of tables and relationships between them are created once, we can add to it over an extended period of time Queries Must decide what fields you want to include before creating, and what tables they come from Query results are shown in a functional table o Same view used with regular data stored in a table For better looking results you should create a query, then generate another view Use Design view when creating a query in Access Criteria placed in a grid known as query by example (QBE) display Specify criteria, sorting order, whether or not you want to see a field in query results After query is run, switched to Datasheet view (same view used for tables) In Datasheet view, you can specify a sortfilter for data o More meaningful to incorporate sortingselection criteria into query design Queries can also contain calculations o In form of calculated fields or aggregate fields o Calculated field isnt stored in database (result of fields used in calculation) o Better to do calculations as part of query than to make a separate field for it Calculated field in a query is dynamic (results will change if affected field is updated) If you used a separate field, would not be automatically updated to changes
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