FMLY 1010 Lecture 19: Lecture 19

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University of Manitoba
Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

OD88729 Women should also abstain from drinking alcohol while they are trying to get pregnant Psychotropic Drugs Heroin and methadone can cause miscarriage, premature labour, and early death 6080 of babies born from mothers using heroin, are also addicted themselves Addicted babies have highpitched cries, suffer from withdrawal symptoms (irritability, uncontrollable tremors, vomiting, convulsions, sleep problems) o Symptoms can last as long as 4 months Use of cocaine by pregnant mother is linked to developmental problems in children Studies on marijuana during pregnancy have yielded mixed results o Small reduction in birth weight o Not considered a human teratogen Teratogens: Other Harmful Influences on Prenatal Development Diet Folic acid (B vitamin found in beansspinach) inadequate amounts linked to neural tube anomalies spina bifidia Take preconception measures (400 microgramsday) o Important to take in sufficient overall calories and protein to prevent malnutrition LWB if malnourished especially in last 3 months Intellectual difficulties in childhood, mental illness in adulthood Greatest impact on the developing nervous system (reduced brain weight and learning capacity) Body mass index (BMI) = a ratio of weight to height that estimates healthy and unhealthy body composition A women with normal BMI should gain 11.516kg during a singleton pregnancy Age More women are beginning to postpone their first pregnancy until their 30s o of Canadian women giving birth are 30+ (29.3 on average) Risks associated with pregnancy increase as the womens age increases Baby is also at greater risk of weighing less than 2.5kg at birth Babies born to older mothers are at greater risk of heart malformations and chromosomal disorders Higher rates of congenital anomalies seen in teenage mothers compared with mothers in their 20s Teenage pregnancy associated with higher risk of nonchromosomal congenital anomalies
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