FMLY 1010 Lecture 36: Lecture 36

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University of Manitoba
Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 o Associated with most consistent negative outcomes for children Become more impulsive antisocial, less competent with peers, less achievement oriented Canadian Parenting Styles: (223) Largest portion of parents (13) are authoritative o of parents are authoritarian, permissive Remaining 15 in a similar category to uninvolved parenting Parenting Child Discipline (224225) Discipline = training, whether physical, mental, or moral, that develops selfcontrol, moral character, and proper conduct o Difficult to establish harmfulbeneficial effects of different forms of discipline Timeout = removing the child from the situation and from attention and rewards for a short period of time, in order to stop unwanted behaviour Typically 1 minute for every year of the childs age o Research hasnt concluded how intensefrequent effective discipline needs to be Inductive discipline = parents explain to children why a punished behaviour is wrong Authoritative Helps preschoolers gain control of behaviour and learn to look at situations from other peoples perspectives Not equally effective for all children Children with difficult temperaments or with physicallyactiverisktaking nature need more firm discipline 4 dimensions of parentchild interactions: 1) Hostileineffective parents manipulate children through the use of sarcasm or putdowns andor mix anger with punishment Results in persistent behavioural problems 9x higher than other types 2) Punitiveaversive parents intimidate their children by shouting andor using physical punishment 3)Consistentparentsensurecompliancewithdirectivesandorfollowthroughwithconsequences after giving a warning 4)Positive parents engagein mutually satisfying activities with theirchild andorhavefun with them Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Parenting Styles (226) Asian parents tend to display an authoritarian parenting style Asian children also tend to display greater cognitive competence Contradicts the fact that authoritative parenting is seen as most successful style Aboriginal parents in Canada tend to use permissive style Also seen as a contradiction since it was not associated with any negative outcomes Parenting style may be dependent on cultural context SES factors such as low parent incomeeducation are risk factors associated with childs vulnerability to problems
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