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Lecture 20

GEOG 1280 Lecture 20: Lecture 20

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University of Manitoba
GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

o82 Are humans another agent??? Unit 6 Fluvial Processes 97.22 of Earths water comes from the ocean. 2.78 Fresh water (77.78 Surface: mostly ice and glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland) Groundwater, soil moisture, deep groundwater as well. Rivers and Streams: 0.0003 EXAM QUESTION! Evaporation from the oceans: 419 (thousands 3 km year) 86 Precipitation back into oceans: 382, 78 Atmospheric advection, movement from over ocean to over land: 94 and 57 from land to ocean Precipitation onto the land: 106, 22 Evapotranspiration, from land to atmosphere: 69, 14 Overland flow and runoff and groundwater flow: 37 There has to be a balance between evaporation and precipitation. Unless the snow that falls remains snow in the form of glaciers, ice ages etc. during this case, sea level falls) Precipitation: can evaporate into atmosphere, plants can absorb water then through transpiration back into atmosphere, what remains can infiltrate and then percolate and move into the land (over time, water builds up in the air spaces within the soil in the form of groundwater) Measuring Rainfall: Rain gauge. Higher evaporation in east coast of Canada because of the gulf stream, air above the water source has to be dry. Potential Evapotranspiration The amount of moisture that would evaporate and transpire if adequate moisture was available It is the amount of water lost under optimum moisture conditions
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