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Lecture 11

HNSC 1200 Lecture 11: Unit 2.3

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University of Manitoba
Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

Food Packaging Learning Objectives: Discuss the purpose of food packaging and describe the types of food packaging discussed in the course notes  Discuss the environmental impact of food processing and packaging Course Notes: The main purpose of food packaging is to slow food deterioration by offering protection from physical, chemical and biological factors. Common food packaging materials include glass, paper, plastic (thermoplastic) and metal. The type of packaging used is often dependent on the food to be packaged. cSD Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) Food is packaged in wrap that oxygen cannot permeate. This prevents oxidative reactions in foods Benefits of removing oxygen: o Slows vegetable and fruit ripening o Prevents colour changes in pre-cut vegetables and fruit o Reduces mold and bacterial growth o Prevents rancidity of fats o Slows the breakdown of vitamins Slows the enzymes that produce “off” flavors and scents Foods must still be refrigerated if they are perishable May allow for the growth of anaerobic microorganisms Examples of foods that may use MAP: bagged salads, vacuum packaged deli meats, fresh pasta, etc. Future Food Packaging Materials: Edible Films Coatings that are applied to foods that provide a benefit to the food and can be consumed by the end user. Chitosan is an example of an edible coating that has been extensively used. Apart from this, work is in progress to introduce more edible coatings. Since these coatins are intended to be consumed, the
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