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International Business
INTB 2200
Luming Wang

Methods of Sale One of the most important aspect of marketing in India is concerned with different methods of trading employed in markets In some cases transactions are settled under a cover of a cloth with the help of fingers and signs In other cases agricultural produce is auctioned in the open market and the buyer with the highest bid takes the produce Under another method sellers settle the sale separately and individually with buyers Still another practice is to settle the trade deal on the basis of the sample of the produce There is yet another method known as Dhara Sale under which heaps of grain of different qualities are sold at a flat rate Ways and means in which transactions takes place in the Indian agricultural market Many methods of sale are in vogue and simultaneously coexist in different markets even in the same market different methods are followed for different commodities and some times even the same commodity Every method has its merits and demerits We shall discuss each one of these methods in detail It is however possible that you may find some of these methods having no visible merits at all but the benefits of such methods are rational and convenience based 1Forward Sale2Jalap Sale3Maghum Sale or Unbhav Sale4Sale by Sample5Hatta Sale Undercover6Sale by Open Agreement7Sale by Open Auction8Sale by Tender System9Dara Sale1Forward Sale Under this system the producerseller sells his anticipated future produce in advance to the trader directly at a price fixed at the time of striking the deal either in the village or at the business place of the trader depending upon the willingness of the party that initiates negotiations This is
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