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Lecture 3

KIN 2320 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Ear Canal, Long Bone, Epicondyle

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KIN 2320
Alexander Marion

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Lecture 3 - OSTEOLOGY
Osteology The study of bones
Osteo = Bone logy = The study of
Used in the study of Functional Anatomy, Forensic Medicine, Archeology
Bone Function (p.19):
a. Supports
b. Protection
c. Movement
d. Mineral storage (calcium)
e. Storage of RBC
f. Energy storage (fat)
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Diaphysis (p.22):
The shaft of a long bone
Metaphysis (p.22):
The end of a long bone distal to the epiphysis; the neck of a long
Region of mature bone where diaphysis joins with epiphysis
includes epiphyseal plate
Epiphyseal Growth Plate (Text p.22-23):
The section of bone at either end of the diaphysis which is the
active growth centre during growth (in mature bone).
Epiphysis (Text p.22):
The ends of a long bone, usually larger in diameter than the shaft
and contain joint surfaces at ends.
Ossification of bones (Figure I.14)
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