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Lecture 4

LABR 1290 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Winnipeg General Strike, Industrial Unionism, Industrial Workers Of The World

Labour Studies
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LABR 1290
Prof.Julie Guard

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October 4, 2016
1900 - 12.7% of the pop were born outside of CDN
1/4 of the immigrant population had arrived in the past 9 years
Most of these people were a part of the working class
1911 (census year), 22% were immigrants
The Winnipeg General Strike
Industrialization required more men to work
Men formed the basis of radical or industrial unions
Working-class men
Less than 20% were in the formal labour force
Working-class women
What is an Industrial Unions
Early industrial unions organized across the working-class
1890s-1919: Intl. movement dedicated to organizing all workers into single, unified labour
organizations designed to overthrow the capitalist system
Revolutionary Industrial Unionism
Industrial unionists' wanted to change the world and overthrow capitalism
General Strike - when all workers in a city or region strike simultaneously (and usually illegally)
Labour militancy
Organized in Dec 1869 in Philadelphia
In decline by 1890
KNIGHTS OF LABOR - major labour reform organization - late 19th century
Founded 1905 in Chicago
In decline by 1914
Very militant, radical - determined
Working class and the employing class have nothing in common.
Founded in 1919 at a meeting in Calgary by a coalition of IWW sympathizers, socialists
and trade unionists
In decline by 1925
Industrial Unions:
Constitution of the Wobblies
South Porcupine Miners Union - Labour Radicals
Russian revolution in 1917 and the rising Revolutionary Industrial Unionism -
contributed ti the postwar labour unrest that fuelled the landmark WGS
Massive unemployment and inflation
Began 15th of May 1919, ended 25th of June 1919
Influenza Epidemic - The Flu
Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council (WTLC) called a general strike on 15th of May
1919 Year of Revolt
Bumstead, J.M. "The Winnipeg General Strike
Reconsidered." Beaver, Jun/Jul94, Vol. 74, Issue 3.
October 4, 2016
10:02 AM
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