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Mangement (Extended Ed.)
MGMT 0130
Glynda White

- Which of the following statements is TRUE?  The basic distinction between conditions and warranties is the same under both the Sale of Goods Act and the general law of contracts - Alison bought a computer from Hugh. The parties never actually met. Alison saw a selection of computers on Hugh's web site and ordered one by telephone. Alison will be able to bring an action against Hugh on the basis of an implied condition that the goods match their description  none of the above - The Sale of Goods Act implies a term that goods will match their description. Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to that term?  That term applies to the identity of goods, but not to the quality of goods - On March 1, Giselle saw Harlan demonstrating a new type of widget at a trade show. On April 1, she ordered one from him. Under the terms of that contract, Harlan was required to deliver the widget on May 1 and Giselle was required to pay the entire purchase price of $10 000 on June 1. Harlan did not deliver the widget until May 15. Although Giselle accepted the item and agrees that it is in good working order, she is unhappy. The late delivery caused her to lose $5000 in profits. She should sue Harlan on the basis of his breach of the implied term concerning  none of the above - Lucy sells bulk foods to restaurants. Jean-Paul visited her warehouse and indicated that he wanted to buy a barrel of peanuts for use at his diner, the Healthy Nut. Lucy went into a back room and returned with a small bag of unsalted peanuts. Jean-Paul agreed to buy a barrel of the same. Lucy went to a back room again and returned with a sealed barrel of peanuts. She asked Jean-Paul if he wanted to inspect the goods, but he said, "No, I'm in too much of a hurry. Just have them delivered to my restaurant this afternoon." The barrel was delivered, but when Jean-Paul opened it, he discovered that the peanuts were salted. He therefore insists that he is entitled to reject them. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  Jean-Paul is entitled to reject the barrel because the goods do not correspond to the sample - If goods are sold by both description and sample, the goods must  match the description and the sample - Which of the following statements is entirely TRUE with respect to the implied term for a sale by sample and the implied term for description?  none of the above - The general rule in sales is caveat emptor. Which of the following statements about that concept is TRUE?  The implied term regarding merchantability is a
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