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University of Manitoba
NURS 1280
Fiona Jensen

What is Nursing? A Profession  Body of knowledge and skills  Specialized training  Code of Ethics  Focus is the client (individual, families, groups or communities) Scholarly Writing in Nursing Why Do We Need to Write?  Verbally and in writing.  Reduce chance of errors and plagiarism  Reflection of professionalism  Communicate ideas  Describe and analyze topics and ideas logically  Build knowledge of a certain topic Where to begin…  Choose a topic  Organize yourself to plan when you will begin your work and complete it  Make an outline for your paper  Go to the library and online to find some related information  Write down your ideas  Reread and edit (grammar, spelling, punctuation)  Refer to the resources on writing correctly using APA  Make corrections including preparing a reference list Organize Writing 1. Title Page 2. Introduction 3. Body 4. Conclusion 5. Reference List Review Paper  Check the format with your APA resource: Help From the Communications Instructor  Page Numbers  Title Page  Margins  Font  Spelling  Punctuation  Headings  Citations Reference List Headings  Levels of headings help organize ideas  In APA there are five level of headings in the body of the paper, commonly use Level 1 and 3. All headings are in bold  Level 1 – Centered Upper and Lower Case  Level 2 - Flush Left, Upper and Lower Case  Level 3 - Indented, lower case with a period Citations  If you mention work you have read in a book, on the web or in a journal you must cite it. Using the ideas and work of another author is plagiarism  Cite the author, year of publication and page number if a direct quote
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