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University of Manitoba
PSYC 1200
Debra Lall

PSYC1200 03 14 2014 Does therapy work? • evaluating therapeutic effectiveness  spontaneous-remission effect  self-selection  regression towards the mean  placebo effect  meta-analysis - method that gives some idea how effective the therapies are Can prevention strategies be incorporated into therapy to improve therapeutic effectiveness? • prevention strategies  primary prevention - prevent con'ds from the beginning  eg. raising awareness  secondary - limiting the duration and severity of the disorder  eg. how to limit illness  tertiary - when the person has been impacted the disorder  ie. treat the disorder so that the person does not relapse again Psychodynamic Therapies • Freudian Psychoanalysis  intensive and prolonged technique for exploring unconscious motivations and conflicts • Insight Therapy  therapies guides patient toward discovering insights b/w present symptoms and past origins • FreeAssociation  thoughts, wishes, physical sensations, and mental images as they occur • Catharsis  expressing strongly felt but usually repressed emotions Factors that affects the process: • Resistance • DreamAnalysis and Interpretation • Transference • Countertransference - when a person comes to like/dislike the client Later Psychodynamic Therapies Place more emphasis on: • Patients current social environment • Continuing influence of life experiences • Role of social motivation and interpersonal relations of love • Significance of ego functio
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