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Lecture 35

PSYC 2250 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

Oc78 1072015 7:57:00 PM Chapter 6: Theories of Cognitive Development Piagets Theory Childrens Theories Cognitive Stages Schemes The action of knowing including physical actions, mental actions, and a complex system of ideas related to concepts and actions Schemes increase and become more complex with age Figurative Schemes mental representation of the basic properties of object in the world Operative Schemes mental representation of the logical connections among object in the world and to reason about them Basic Principles of Piagets Theory Assimilation occurs when new experiences are readily incorporated into a childs existing theories Accommodation occurs when a childs theories are modified based on experience Equilibrium balance, children find they can readily assimilate most experiences into their existing theories, but occasionally they need to accommodate their theories to adjust to new experiences Equilibration when disequilibrium occurs, children reorganize their theories to return to a state of equilibrium Disequilibrium balance is upset, children discover that their current theories are not adequate because they are spending much more time accommodating than assimilating Stages of Cognitive Development
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