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Lecture 64

PSYC 2250 Lecture 64: Lecture 64

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

OS98 Gene on chromosome 11 linked to regulation of attention, motivation and reward DRD4 o One allele for this gene is associated with novelty seeking in adults o Not a temperament gene, but it islinked to behaviors that make up temperament Allele associated with seeking new experiences Children with this allele tend to be overreactive, aggressive and oppositional Greater activity in the amygdala for children who are inhibited and have negative emotions when faced with new situations Parental and other social effects Goodness of fit model Cultural influence Asian infants less emotional than their European Canadian counterpart. Temperamentally fearful preschoolers can become dishonest or scrupulously honest, depending on their parents disciplinary style Temperament and Development Difficult temperaments and behavior problems *Activity and distractibility and school performance *Shyness ad inhibition and peer interaction Activity and impulsiveness and peer interaction *Anxious and fearful children and compliance *Irritable and impulsive children and aggression and depression *Effortful control and memory, motivation, persistence, task mastery, cooperation, morality, empathy, sympathy, prosocial behavior, stress response Persistent children are likely to succeed in school, whereas active and distractible children are less likely to succeed Shy, inhibited children often have difficulty interacting with their peers and often do not cope effectively with problems
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