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Lecture 15

SOC 1200 Lecture 15: Lecture 15

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University of Manitoba
SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS98 = social stratification based on personal merit  industrial societies merit includes: knowledge, abilities and efforts  rough measure of merit is a person’s job and how well it is done industrial societies use some elements of caste system to maintain order – wealth is passed down pure meritocracy would weaken families Status Consistency = the degree of consistency in a person’s social standing across various dimensions of social inequality caste system has limited social mobility and high status consistency greater mobility of class system produces less consistency  low status consistency means classes are much harder to define than castes Caste and Class: The United Kingdom  In Middle ages England had Caste-like system of aristocracy  Aristocracy included leading church members, spoke with authority of God Clergy were local priests (not members of aristocracy), lived simple lives  Highest church officials lived in palaces Church leaders referred to as the first estate Rest of aristocracy referred to as second estate made up barely 5% of the  population o Heredity nobility, royal family (king, queen), less nobles (dukes, earls, barons) o Owned most of nation’s land o Wealthy due to landholdings  o When they died, aristocrats devised the law of primogeniture  Required all property to pass to the oldest son or male relation 
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