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Lecture 29

SOC 1200 Lecture 29: Lecture 29

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS82 a form of deviance  3 techniques to measure crime: use of official records (quantitative), self-reports (victimization studies and offender self-reports), direct observation (observing crime) controversy regarding how valid these methods are o very accurate, kind of, not at all no perfect technique for measuring crime all have some validity problems in attempt to minimize validity problems, try using more than one technique = triangulation capitalize strengths and minimize weaknesses Official Records Data bases used by law enforcement agents  Show who has been charged with what, who has been convicted o How valid is this technique? Give us good indicated about sheer volume of criminal activity o Estimation Tells us where and when they are likely to occur  These records can only reflect what the officials know Only the violations known to the authority What they know becomes known to them in 2 ways: Report-ability Public reports Detectability  Police detection (drive through neighborhood and find crime) The actual rates of crime may be very underestimated If the officials didn’t know about it, it might as well have not happened Under estimations are biased in different directions Public reporting and detection may be much higher in some areas than
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