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Lecture 26

SOC 1200 Lecture 26: Lecture 26

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

Oc78 1) tear down anything unique about individual dismantle personality/destroy sense of self 2) construct a new self over prolonged period of time create an institutionalized self as timeperiod gets longer loss of capacity for independence Theories of Socialization Durkheim, Piaget, Freud  Compare and contrast what they said with symbolic interaction (Mead & Cooley) Mead = father of symbolic interaction Durkheim Early part of 20 th century  Sociologist and Professor of Education at University of Paris The teacher’s main responsibility is to provide a moral education o Impress society’s norms upon the young person o So they would become apart of that person’s personality  Thought of the child as a sheet of paper upon which society would write o Tabularasa = blank slate o Socialization is a one way street from adult to child   Children should be seen, not heard – nothing important to say Teacher was to strictly impress social ideas upon child Reactive approach to socialization – child is product, not the adults (Mead would disagree) o Gives no credit to child as being an active creator in their own world Child responds and reacts, but does not create Females enterig the school system = allowed students to begin having a say Piaget  Psychologist Make referen
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