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Lecture 31

SOC 1200 Lecture 31: Lecture 31

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS98 some people have needs/desires that other members of society do not recognize e.g. prostitute is a limited/devalued relationship, will be the relationship that will least threaten the marriage, she releases pressure (deviance) – things would be much worse if she didn’t exist 3) deviance can clarify the rules  sometimes the precise meaning of a rule is not always clear/obvious o mistakes become obvious in reaction of other people e.g. plagiarism in university (you experience the punishment and everyone else watches you experience it) 4) deviance can unite the group deviance can pull group together by using someone as scapegoat e.g. Nazi’s scapegoating the Jews for all things bad  5) deviance can act as a warning signal all organizations collect statistics – statistics occasionally deviate from the norm = warning sign Robert Murtin Structural Functionalist strain theory extension/elaboration of Durkheim’s anomie (normlessness) o anomie tends to occur during social change as anomie increases, deviance increases (e.g. suicide)  some people have difficult time evaluating how much effort they attribute to something – put in effort, receive no reward o economy went bad, people lost jobs  created a large sense of strain (e.g. studying hard for test and failing) Ways of dealing with strain 1) cultural goals – things that all of us wan
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