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SOC 3391
William M.Last

Attitude formation: -authoritarianism -as you go down the class hierarchy measures of authority become higher -authoritarianism scale -authoritarians tend to be more prejudice -they tend to be xenophobic=fear of the outsider, fear of people who are different from you -therefore, this increases as you go down the class hierarchy -discrimination also increases -authoritarianism represents the absence of cognitive complexity -they tend to see things in terms of absolutes -raise children in strict ways -seem to be law and order typessomeone who believes in harsh penalties to people who break the law -absence of organizational complexity -“the world should be the way I want it to be and if not then the world is wrong” -world view: -relative lack of education -as you go down the hierarchy, educational obtainment decreases Adorno and Fromm: -called authoritarianism an “escape from freedom” -some people are afraid of freedom because they need to take on a lot of responsibility -authoritarians cannot handle that level of responsibility and so they try to escape from it - Fascismideology of native Japan and Germany Income and Poverty: -difficult to determine poverty -a political “hot potato” -there is intense debate over whether the definition should be absolute or relative -absolute tends to focus on economic yard sticks -ex. anyone who makes less than 20 000/yr is in poverty -relative looks at people compared to other people -not interested in absolute cutoff points but whether this person can lead a decent life given what a person makes and the resources they have Defining poverty: -has political consequences -because if you can capture the definition of poverty and get people to agree, this can influence political decisions - can change the laws on the right of people to own
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