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University of Saskatchewan
ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 Jan 30th 2012 Ben Johnson - 1616 is when it came out - Contained plays that were previously published and masques called entertainment - Bold move, to publish his works in folio - Wits Recreation: o To Mr. ben Johnson demanding the reason why he called his play works. Pray tell me Ben, where does the mystry lurk. What others call a play you call a work. Thus answered by a friend in Mr. Johnson’s defense. The authors friend thus for the author says, Ben’s plays are works, when other works are plays. - Work o Reference to mythology, displaying himself as a great work o Audience: the readers are the audience, that is who this book is for o It’s like a triumphal arch  A huge monument meant to celebrate victory o Figures are tragedy (Tragedia)/Satirical and comedy (comedia)/Pastrol o “I do not work so that I might be admired by the crowd; I am satisfied with a few readers.” – Horace  Establishing a connection with classic poets  He is satisfied by readers rather than the crowd, he wants readers vs. an audience o Printed by Will Stansby  He somehow got the rights, from the printers who printed them o “Each kind (genre) decently in its proper place.” Horace  [Singula quaeque locum teneant sortita decentre] o Apollo – with his radiant halo and his lyre  Light, truth, poetry, music o Dionysus – with his thrsos  Sin, wine, dance o Sator  kn
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