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PHIL 224
George Williamson

Phil 224 October 12 2012 1 Housekeeping: − we but so much into sexuality that we see sexual assault so wrong − not everyone see it has being sacred − historically: thinking about rape being about violence − now: we see it with sexuality − in order to understand why rape is such a bad crime − cultural? − Doesn't mean we should dismiss it or anything, it has a real world impact − ex: money – we see it as being worth a certain amount throughout our culture Standards of Judging Severity of Sexual Offense: Criminal: 1) Standard battery – non-consensual touching, without violence 2) Violent assault – non-consensual touching with violence, force, pain, or damage to body 3) Threats of violence – use of fear as coercion 4) Harms due to penetration – pregnancy and sexual disease 5) Moral or Psychological Harm – violation of security of person, trauma Sexual Crimes: 1. Sexually motivated assault ... with penetration and forcing or violence inflicting harm 2. with penetration and threat of violence 3. without penetration (but with threat and/or violence) 4. penetration with lack of or inability to consent 5. without penetration, but contact without consent (harassment) Wh
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