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Lecture 13

PLSC 201 Lecture 13: PLSC 201 Mustard

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Plant Science
PLSC 201
Krista Wilde

Mustards ** know latin names for mustard ** Mustard family 2 different types of mustards Brassica juncea Sinapis alba Is Canada an important producer of the mustards? Yes Canadas production 50 of mustard is exported, and the US is our biggest market Three mustards grown in Canada Brown and oriental mustard Brassica juncea Closely related to canola Yellow ( white) Sinapis alba Not so closely related to canola Mustard as a spice Used as spices or condiments Know the difference between oriental and brown Mustard isothiocynates Glucosinolates in brown and oriental mustard and different and much hotter than yellow mustard Unique functional properties High levels of antioxidants ( protect against rancidity ) Used as a emulsier, water binding agent and for lecture control of many foods Botchalism is very bad for you, typically found from pickling Emulsier it sticks the water and oil together. Mustard our is a good emulsier, so thats why it is added to products like mayo and meat products. They put water in it so it looks a lot bigger then it is. Mustard is also put into any processed meat for slicing so it wont fall apart when you cut it Mustard mucilage Mucilage is the outermost coating of yellow mustard seeds Mucilage is a polysaccharide that gives yellow mustard its thickening Mustard oil If we sell it to Asia they want to get cooking oil out of it, so they want the mustard with a high level of oil in it Mustard meal Meal is the largest fraction of mustard seed and contains both glucosinolate and mucilage You can add it into food and it wont be spicy
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