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Lecture 10

PLSC 201 Lecture 10: PLSC 201 midterm

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Plant Science
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PLSC 201
Krista Wilde

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Oilseed ax is high in omega 3s Trans fatty acids have higher melting point than cis fatty acids a fatty acids with 18:2 is unsaturated fatty acid Saturated would have a 0 Difference between rapeseed and canola is rapeseed is high in glycosynalates and erucic acid Which is the bad cholesterol low density canola is higher in oil and protein content lower then soybeans This canola disease effects canola through the leaves sclerotinia crops susceptible to clubroot include brassica species, canola, mustard, camelina Green seed of canola is caused by frost and drying fast in the swath The benet of brassica carinata are drought tolerant and larger seed size Brassica rapa is much bushier and lower yielding and earlier maturing Benets of cold pressing the avour is saves Prussic acid becomes a cyanide and kills the animal The rotting stage of ax retting Oil seed ax is taller and lower seed yield The creation of a tough lm in ax oil is primarily due to oxidation 18:3 Where is the oils stored in the seed Only crops that produce them in the fruit is avocado and olive The specialty canola oil that is grown for use as a frying oil because it has an increased fry life A unique characteristic of camelina is that produces more Flax is is a bad weed competition If a fatty acid has 3 double bonds which fatty acids would have the highest melting point Shortest growing season camelina herbicide tolerant crop canola, soybean, and sunower Which mustard is recommended to be straight cut yellow mustard Hemp is a short day plant which means seeding around may 15 Characteristic of hemp is dioecious, separate male and female plants which crops would you roll after the plant has emerged peas lentils
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