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POLS 375 Lecture Notes - Lawrence Cannon, Soft Power, Maxime Bernier

Political Studies
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

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Cabinet: Division Between Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
A good example is Lloyd Axworthy's doctrine on human security.
The belief that Canada could exert influence on the world using soft power
in the area of human security.
Soft power initially became the new thing.
It's a much harder sell to governments (particularly strong, large
The Axworthy Doctrine:
Our military, foreign affairs department, foreign aid, etc., was getting
This was good, because we did not have to spend a whole lot of
cash money.
Axworthy decides that we don’t need hard power: we can coast on
our reputation.
The fact that Canada would be on board was enough for some
Under Harper, Peter MacKay was moved… Maxime Bernier was
forced to resign… Lawrence Cannon lost…
Budget cuts
It coloured the dominant paradigm.
9/11 changed the global paradigm
One of the benefits of having a minister in for a significant period of time: if that
minister chooses, they can pick specific foreign agendas. They can take their thing
and run with it.
March 22, 2013
9:32 AM
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