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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues Feb 14121they are not worried about karma cuz they think that the single act of ChanZen contchanting is good enough to get them to where they need to go 5 Role of Nature Buddhism is alive and well it is just called ChanZen values to all things tea ceremonyoriginates first in China mindfully and focusing on the preparation and the drinking of the tea archery usually u aim at the target however Zen requires u to look away and use ur mindart pic with lots of white leftvoid emptinessBuddhanaturerepresents a calmness 6 Is it Buddhism no extra textslight a candle in front of the Buddha statuerepresent Buddha nature in all things the goal is enlightenment method is meditation he didnt have any Buddha texts cuz he wasnt a Buddha when he initially sat under the Boa tree decide for urself if u really want to find out what it is then u have to practice it achieving enlightenment thru seeking ur mind thru enlightenmentinterpreting ur mind without being influenced by enlightenmentII Pure Land Buddhism 1 OriginsChina402 CE Huiyuan and 123 other white lotus society western Pure Landnot the permanent place u are going to be they all promised ea other that they were going to be in the promise land after they were rebornMahayana did not expect to get this in their life
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