RLST 110

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3 Apr 2012

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Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Tues. April.3rd/12 1
World Review of Religious Society
-first need to ask whose view of world review of religious society
I. What all persons could affirm
1) Language for „inner life‟
-argues that everyone has a drunken money mind, but religion calms this mind
-if somebody takes the time to pray at the end of the day->ex. help me to be more loving to those
around me even an atheist would say that that is a could way to get a hold of one‟s mind and
-educate „inner life‟= grounded
-courage is not fear, rather it is the motive to face one‟s fear
2) Ethics
-send children to church to learn how to act ethically
-we get all our rules: do not steal, etc. from religions-they teach us what is right and wrong-religion
has a way of ordering this thought ->provides one with a conscious
->science is not able to do this ex. the prof pounding a student-not ethically right, however science is
not able to discern such b/c it only makes observations about what has/being done
3) Diff view of power
-imagine starting a religion with a man dying on a cross
-think about love and compassion as a way to react rather than letting our emotions run wild-it is
much harder therefore more powerful to control one‟s own emotions
4) Uses of , and limits, of “reasoning”
-AJ Air says a sentence is only important if you can imperially verify it-> ex. If u say God exists and
is true, it imposes a prob for religion
->this statement contradicted itself cuz a sentence can‟t support itself
-what kind of language is religion, what kind of language is ethical language?
5) Prophetic-not necessarily the idea of new ideas
-in his old job, they were all required to take a placement test-they wanted you to score low on the
ethics portion so they could ultimately use u to make money and then dispose of u when best suited-
if one scored high, they were not looked at as suitable material for a manager‟s position
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