Research indicates that people who have heartfelt religious convictions a. are happier than people who are non-religious. b. are less happy than people who are non-religious. c. are more likely to be happy than people who are non-religious. d. are less happy than people who are non-religious because they have less community support. Q7. Many people share a sense of economic decline today, even though a. productivity is on the rise. b. cost of living remains stable. c. our society is more affluent than ever. d. the upper class is probably smaller than previously. Q8. A teacher takes notes while watching students on the playground to see if differences in play behavior are associated with discipline problems in class. The teacher is using which of the following research methods? a. survey b. case study c. experimentation d. naturalistic observation Getting hungry upon hearing the advertising tune for a fast-food chain is an example of ____ conditioning. a. operant b. social c. classical d. emotional

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