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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 232
Stuart Leard

Sociolthy 232 January 9 2012 1 Social theory: a system of interconnected ideas that condense and organizes the knowledge about the social world and explains how it works Data: numerical (qualitative) and nonnumerical (Quantitative) information and evidence that have been carefully gathered accoring to rules or established pocedures Empirical: what we can observe and experience directly through thuman sense (touch, sight , hearing, smell, taste) or indirectly using techniquest that extend the senses. Pseudoscience: ideas or information clothed in the jarogon outward apperance of science to win acceptance but what was not created with the systematic Inductive/deductive – theory informs research – inductive: tends to generate theory last (after data collection). Data --> theory – India, an experimental township growing in India, used to realize human unity in an interactive way – observed and gathered data first, a search for patterns in the data itself – looked for themes, what was important to the residence – developed hypothesis – applied and adjusted the theory – deductive: research tests preexisting theories. Theory --> data – starts with a theory – by review of a theory and its research that one recognizes a gap in the knowledge – ex – theory of communcative action – Jurgen Habermas – lifeworld – system – in practice – very difficult to avoid having
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