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Soc 233 sept 14

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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 Sept 14, 2011 Marx Con’t… Alienation : Workers are not connected to other workers, employers, or to the product they are producing. Alienation Occurs in 4 Ways: 1. Productive Activity  Satisfying the needs of capitalists, not their own.  Workers do not see how their labour contributes. 2. Product of Labour  Labour belongs to capitalist.  Workers have to buy the product they produce.  eg) A person could work in a bakery, but would starve if he/she could not afford to purchase the bread baked in the bakery.  PURCHASE WHAT THEY MAKE! 3. Fellow Workers  No communal activity; individuals doing specific tasks in isolation.  No connection to other employees.  Interests of capitalists to keep working conditions competitive; workers pitted against one another in capitalist economy. 4. Human Potential  Instead of working to feel fulfilled (e.g., agricultural community), we are made to function like machines.  No longer involved in creative process of creating a product. Note – Marx wanted to find a solution to this alienation. Class Example  International Facility Management – Study on literal office space; cubicles shrunk, and corner offices (i.e., boss) increased. Power : Derived from economic ownership. 2 Types of Power: 1. Personal Power.  Tell people what to do and when to do it. 2. Profits. Power Gives: 1. Economic power. 2. Political power. 3. Ideological power – Family system, marriage, gender, etc. Commodities : Products of labour intended for exchange. 2 Necessary Conditions for Commodity Production: 1. Market in which we can exchange
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