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Soc 233 Sept 23

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SOC 233
Kara Somerville

SOC 233 Sept. 23, 2011 Theory of Religion 1. Religion was an expression of social cohesion. 2. Religion: System of symbols through which society becomes conscious of itself. 3. Development of Religion requires: a. A set of religious beliefs. b. A set of rituals. c. A church or a single overarching moral community. Four Major Functions of Religion: 1. Disciplinary function. 2. Cohesiveness. 3. Vitalization: Boosts one’s “spirits.” 4. Sense of euphoria. Note – Durkheim thought religion was a form of social cohesion, which holds complex societies together. Note – In the past, religion had been the cement of society – the means by which men had been led to turn from the everyday concerns in which they were variously enmeshed to a common devotion to sacred things. Sacred: Non-material collective representation or objects which a religion believes to hold divine power or awe.  eg) Totem pole in Aboriginal faith, crucifix in Catholicism.  Symbolic meaning which is established through an object. Durkheim & Education Main Function of Education: 1. Providing moral guidance; collective morality through education. 2. Transmission of society’s norms and values. Q – How does education teach us the norms and values in society?  Education functions as a regulator to allow us to become more integrated.  eg) How to treat other people, proper social behaviour.  Educational institution serves as a functional tool in society which provides mo
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