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soc 360 nov 3th

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University of Saskatchewan
SOC 360
Darrell Mc Laughlin

Sociology 306 November 13 2012 1 Multiculturalism, Globalism and Challenges to Developing Forms – Often when we talk about multiculturalism the principles of colonialism creep in Multiculturalism and Globalism • Multiculturalism: the process whereby a variety of groups within existing states increasingly assert their separate cultural identities and demand political recognition. ◦ We can see this within Canada; in many political and social struggles going on ▪ examples • Aboriginals • Quebec • Globalism: the erosion of boundaries so that people’s life chances every where increasingly depend on the workings of a global market over which states have little control. ◦ Nation-state holds onto specific aspects, no authority n the market yet market is powerful Internet and global risk society • Economy/internet feedback loop in the Information age ◦ economy and technology feeding off one another ◦ in the past; feedback loop is what allows us to adapt to economy ◦ Golden Age: what we do causes problems for others • High-tech “robber barons” ◦ originated in the 1800s ◦ drove competitors out and formed monopolies • The nature of risk in globalization: becoming more and more incalculable. ◦ Benefits and problems of globalization ◦ world risk society ◦ various risks associated ▪ environmental – nuclear, mining ▪ inequality/poverty – gap between rich and poor • disease • rise ups Principles of distributive Social Justice (Miller) • Need, Desert and Equality in a multicultural global society: ◦ A common standard of need ▪ State provision of some needs ▪ what are peoples needs? ▪ Difficult to do ◦ Just desert for individual effort ▪ Competition to reward the best providers based on talent and effort but not Sociology 306 November 13 2012 2 structural advantaged. ▪ Different cultures value different things ▪ in our society we suck at this • mother vs. worker ◦ Equality or less extreme inequality ▪ we can challenge this • over representation of Aboriginals in prison ▪ Equality before the law and as citizens ▪ Inclusive identities of citizenship • how do we develop equality within a society Inherent Structural Advantages – because the ISA of class privilege, people of middle-higher classes growing up can expect: 1. having applications to be written in a language that they, or their parents, can understand 2. having functioning cars 3. having a private room 4. having being read to 5. access to internet, computer, nagazines, and newspappers 6. having extended networks • “now what you know, but who you know.” Principles of distributive Social Justice in Global Reality • Watson: Global capitalism and immiseration of the working class [Marxist] ◦ Immiseration: half of the poverty line – very low income ◦ as inequality grows poverty rises ◦ Most GO and NGO have accepted the idea that there is no alternative to global capitalism; ▪ most accept this ◦ Watson: ▪ Labour: source of value/goods ▪ ▪ Labour can exists without capitalists but capitalists cannot exists without labour; ▪ Globalization from below with a worker planned and organized society with people needs and interest at the centre; • refocused around satisfying peoples needs • Martin: overlapping ideas of Marxists and Liberation theologists ◦ Global Capitalism as the driving force of oppression as wealth accumulates; -- recognizes ◦ Justice from meeting basic human needs and preventing destructive development; ▪ can be used Sociology 306 November 13 2012 3 ◦ While not glorifying violence, it may be necessary to overcome violence and oppression ▪ doesn't see another way ◦ nations being forced to lower expectations to try and lure capital back in – not overnight, not peacefully • Ferrara: Justice must not be managed by supporters of the status quo; is protective of human rights; and articulates the international order required by justice; ◦ danger, must not be controlled by supporters of stats quo ◦ not just Westren Ideals • Charlesworth:
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