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Nancy Barrickman

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st Neanderthals and Up to Modern Humans - Movie Notes (Oct.31 , 2012)  50,00 years ago 4 main species living  All modern humans are decedents of a small breeding population of about 600 individuals  Neanderthals had brains bigger than ours, record of survival double that of others, and then they vanished  Erectus pioneered what it meant to be human, first ancestor to have bodies like ours, a hunter gatherer, social and most famous one is Tarcana Boy  Erectus started in Africa, then moved out to Asia and Europe  Hobbit was in Indonesia  Excalibur (hand axe) found in the pit of bones and that tells us the people that they threw in their were buried with something of theirs  Homo heidelbergensis evolved into Homo neanderthalus  Neanderthals we
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