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Lecture 10

ARTS111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Decision-Making, Peer Pressure

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Jayne Hayden

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Career Decision Making Worksheet
Most common decision making style: External/systemic
Most common decision making strategy: Intuitive, Planful, compliant sometimes impulsive
Decision making style is important t quality that will help you to lo provide a in order to
provide a quality of life you want. Good decision-makers are sought after in the workplace and
can use their skills to excel in their career. Therefore, understanding how
to make effective decisions is very important. Given that I have an external and systemic
decision making approach, this goes to show that I try to keep a logical and ordered process in
my decision making process which make sure that you address all of the critical elements needed
for a successful outcome. Working through this process systematically will reduce the likelihood
of overlooking important factors. Being external means that also rely of society and family
influences in my decisions.
My decision making strategies are important in my occupation choices. Looking for a
career in healthcare requires one to be intuitive, planful and systematic. These are important parts
for a healthcare provider as their job takes in the responsibility of peoples lives. One should
precise and work towards the best possible treatment towards a patient. One cannot be impulsive
or spontaneous as this not safe/ reliable.
Some of the negative aspects of having an external decision making style is the influence
from society. Not all societal pressure is helpful to an individual, such as peer pressure to do
certain activities with friends like partying when you have assignments. Other influences include
social media or the internet which can divert ones from their goals of life. They can be
distractions making it difficult to reach one goals either being academic, career, or relationship.
Overcoming some of these obstacles include, having supportive friend circles, not getting too
much into social media. Planning your time effectively and making the correct choices are
important to one achieving their goals.
Overall, it is important to have decision making styles and strategies. This is important
because it will me achieve my goals. It provides focus and prevents me to not engage in negative
activates. Having the right decision making set is important to the occupational role you have.
For example, a police officer should not have a spontaneous style as this can be very
endangering to peoples lives.
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