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Sex Linked Traits and Releated Oddities.docx

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BIOL 239
Heidi Engelhardt

Sex-Linked Traits and Related Oddities  Genes can also determine differences between sexes o Sex-limited traits  affect a structure or process that is found in one sex but not the other  e.g., bright plumage in male birds, milk production, horns/antlers o Sex-influenced traits  show up in both sexes but their expression may differ between the two sexes  e.g., patterned baldness o Sex-linked traits  due to genes ON the X or Y chromosome  e.g., hemophilia and color blindness o 007 = b_ vs b+b+(hair)  premature loss of hair from top of head, but not sides  begins in late 20s in heterozygous men, but heterozygous women show no effect  in homozygous men and women, baldness results in both, but much earlierin men  influenced by sex hormones  dominant in men, recessive in women  Environment o Factors such as temperature, light, and altitude can affect the phenotypic expression of a genotype o The environment can affect the phenotypic exp
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