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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

IntroductionSeptember1012930 AMChromosome the combination of DNA and associated proteins found in organismsMay be one or multiple per cellMay be uniploid or polyploidfullycondencsed chromatingenomeGene functional unit of heredityThe entire DNA sequence necessary for the synthesis of a RNA molecule or functional polypeptideIncludes coding codes for it and regulatory regions tell the cell how and when to use it up and downstreamGene Expressionprocesses through which the information carried by a gene is converted into observable productSome way of showing how it is being expressed it is observable under the right conditionsMutation transmissible permanentchange in nucleotide sequence of a chromosomemay be in a gene and if it is it can change the entire function whether its in the coding or regulatory regionMutant an organism bearing a mutant gene that expresses itself in the phenotypeAn observable changewhite eyes opposed to red for a drosophila flyIn other words something different then what we call normal versus the wild typeNormal part
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