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BIOL 309
Julia Roberts

Human Physiology NotesMajor body cavitiesCranial cavityoPosterior and anteriorThoracic cavityoPleural sac and pericardial sacDiaphragmAbdominal cavityPelvic cavityOrgan systemsRespiratory system circulatory system nervous system and endocrine system musculoskeletal system reproductive system urinary system and digestive system integumentary systemLumenspaces inside can be fluidairsolidThree main fluid compartmentsPlasma interstitial fluid and intracellular fluid Oxygen hast through the membrane go through plasma and the interstitial fluid and to the intracellular fluidoToo much fluid in the interstitial fluid can result in swellingPlasma and interstitial fluid are extracellular fluidPlasma and interstitial fluid is divided by a capillary wallInterstitial fluid and intercellular fluid is divided by cell membrane TissuesSpecialized cell types held together by cell junctionsCells in animal tissues secrete material that forms an extracellular matrix ECMoECM does more than hold them togetheroVaries from tissue to tissueoInfluences mechanical properties of tissues shock absorbersoInvolved in cell signalingoInvolved in support and control as well as signal and developingCell junction Connection between cells or between cells and ECM via membranespanning proteinsoCell adhesion moleculesGap junctionsoAllow substances to pass between cellsCommunicationTight junctionsoBlock movement of materialsFormation of barriersAnchoring junctionsoHold cells to each other or to ECMShape of tissue mechanical strength Cell junction creates epithelial layersApical surfaces interact with the lumenTight junction forms sealAnchoring junctions holds together the tissueGap junction flow of communication Tissue types Epithelium liningscan be leaky or tight
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