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Module 9: Proposals and Formal Reports

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University of Waterloo
Judah Oudshoorn

Module 9: Proposals and Formal Reports, June 28, 2012 Objectives: By the end of this module, you should be able to:  distinguish between formal reports and proposals,  identify the elements of informal and formal proposals, and  develop an outline for a formal report and a proposal. Readings: Chapter 11 page 358-367 Proposals  Proposals suggest solutions to problems.  The direct approach is most commonly used.  The goal is to persuade readers to follow, agree to, or approve of a request for action, business, or funding. Internal Proposals  Internal proposals can be formal or informal. They respond to question such as; o How can money be saved? How much? o When will the savings start? o Will sales or productivity be boosted? o Will the company be more competitive? External Proposals External proposals can also be formal or informal. They seek to create new business and generate income:  Solicited o Responds to Request for Proposal -RFP  Unsolicited o Must convince the reader that a need or problem exists Elements of Informal Proposals  Introduction: o Overview o Scope o Qualifications o Start and completion dates o Previous work completed  Background: o Problem details o Purpose and goal o Client needs an benefits  Proposal, Method, Schedule: o Detail solutions: Product or service Feasibility Start and completion date Previous work completed  Costs/Budget o Cost breakdown  Staffing, Qualifications: o Expertise and credentials  Resources/facilities: o Benefits or advantages to the reader  Request for Authorization o Expiry date for the proposal o Request for permission to proceed o Additional information Elements of Formal Proposals  Front Matter: o Copy of the RFP o Cover letter o Abstract or summary o Title page o Table of contents o List of figures  Additional Notes about the Front Matter for Formal Proposals: o Cover letter or letter of Transmittal Address to the decision maker Refer to the RFP or the client’s needs Explain the proposal’s purpose, major features, and benefits Close courteously o Executive Summary or Abstract: One page summary of highlights
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