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Geography and Environmental Management
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GEOG 202
Claire Mitchell

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Geog 202 Week 3 -->i. key researcher Walter Christaller(1933) central place theory- major impact ii. Central places: are endogenous trading centres; meeting their needs --> what goods and services are offered in central place? types of goods and service: categorised; low order, middle order, high order (on the basis of cost) Distinguished by two characteristics: Threshold- every business have a threshold & different threshold (the population)& Range- the minimum distance, how far will you travel to buy something, varies depending on the good -->>iii. Types of central places: at highest order places, i.e. higher order goods, middle and low --> why hexagonal? because circles will leave one area neglected. so everyone can have access -->Key Researcher: James Vance (1970) The mercantile model: Mercantalism (1500-1800) an economic philosophy: national wealth is best served by having a positive balance of trade and amassing foreign currency -->> wholesale centres: centres that facilitate exogenous tasks -->>iii. types of historical wholesale centres Staples= raw materials entrepots= upcoming cities as they take on more and more economical businesses iv. distribution of wholesale centres: along major transportation routes --> the model: Stage1 : being to move services and goods over to new places stage 2: planting of setters produce status, developing services at new place, various old places converted to become more higher order services. stage 3move more in-wards, collect those products and grow; as new country starts to produce goods themselves stage 4: places beging to grow larger and advance due to wholesale comp
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