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Lecture 2

GEOG101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Proxemics, Macromedia Homesite

Geography and Environmental Management
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Brent Doberstein

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GEOG101 – Spatial Interaction and Distances
Spatial Interaction:
- Movement between places of people, ideas, commodities and disease.
- Influences human’s;
ocontrols, perceptions of place (decision-making for migration, marketing/ changing the
image and showing benefits), distance and perception distances.
Understanding the controls allowing to influence interaction:
- Increases (may be due to marketing – drawing more business to a store)
- Decrease (may be to slow the spread of the disease, reduce commuting during peak hours)
- Changing the type of interaction
o(Ex. Car commuters -> public transit, helps reduce certain congestion or environmental
- Change the timing of the interaction
o(ex. Congestion pricing for downtown core)
Why does spatial interaction occur?
- Resources
- Labour & employment
- Opportunities
- Costs
- Reputation
- Perceptions: amenity, atmosphere, safety.
Friction of Distance:
find more resources at
find more resources at
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