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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Abraham Lincoln and Life in the North Extremelly detailed and elaborated course not explaining Lincoln and the North from the 3rd lecture of the course!!

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HIST110 Jan 14 2011
Lecture 3: Abraham Lincoln & Life in the Antebellum North
Abraham Lincoln’s Early Life
During many times, Lincoln was hated in the South throughout his lifetime.
His purpose was to keep the United States in tact, to make sure the South doesn’t
break away.
Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 (Same as Darwin, during Napoleonic Wars).
Born into a world of uncertainty, a country that had barely been founded; in a log
cabin in Kentucky, being a side of Lincoln’s authenticity.
Relocated in his youth to Indiana, and his schooling were limited (1 year).
Ambitious, dedicated to self-improvement, and read all the time (voracious reader).
Lincoln was also a master storyteller: Told stories about pioneers, people on the
road, and loved people’s laughter.
Lincoln was a very thin and tall looking man, and suffered from a muscle condition.
In his adulthood, Lincoln relocated to Illinois New Salem, where he studied law, and
elected to Springfield Illinois.
He served 1 term in Congress and returned to Springfield to study law.
The Northern Worldview
Antebellum North vs. Antebellum South; differences during civil war was reason
that the civil war emerged in a nation that people speak same language and had
same values
North had smaller African-American population 2% and South 35%
1820 slavery had been abolished in North and was undergoing industrialization
opposed to agricultural South.
Southern economy was very dependent on slave labor: grow of cotton spread of
slavery in western territories; compared to factories in the North (Textile Mills in
Boston). Factories grew rapidly in the North by 1860, with 15% in South and 85% in
Huge industrial output in North had profound impact on what Northern States
became in 19th Century. Had a far better developed infrastructure in North, Ex. Far
more developed railway structure.
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