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Intro to Health

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HLTH 101

1.The Frontiers of Knowledge Approach 09/10/12  Boundary o Between known/unknown o Between order/chaos  No pattern and structure  Can’t predict  Can’t manipulate and manage  Why work at Frontier o Expand realm of known o Bring order to chaos  Add pattern and structure (ex. Alzheimer’s)  Predict  Manipulate and manage  Required skills at Frontier o Knowledge o Experience o Attitude 2. Definitions i. Health o Negative Definition i. Absence of disease and illness (if you don’t have=healthy) o Positive Definition i. World Health Organization (W.H.O) ii. Complete well-being  Includes physical mental, and social well being ii. Illness o Subjective (doc can’t touch your shoulder and say oh I can feel your pain) o Individual iii. Disease o Objective o Verifiable i. Professional consensus ii. Diagnostic criteria 3. First Principles of Health Research and Practice i. Health Status can change over time ii. We can learn the causes of changes in health iii. We can use knowledge to change health status 4. Measuring the Burden of Disease i. Mortality (aka death) a. Measured by death rate- it is always 100% because everyone will die i. To make more specific: 1. Per # of people? 2. Per unit of time? 3. Per group? 4. Per cause? ii. Morbidity a. Illness and suffering i. How many get sick? 1. Incidence (#/# of people) a. Proportion of new cases over a specified period of time i. Probability healthy person develops dis
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